Welcome to Shelter Gifts!

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  • Shelter Gifts is a collection of items needed by shelters across the country. The list is curated by the shelters and for the shelters. The shelters create a wishlist of items they need and, once registered, save a link to their wishlist and its items are added to the Shelter Gifts collection.

    Feel free to browse the collection of items needed by various shelters. You can purchase items from Amazon and have them shipped directly to the shelter in need!

    Are you a shelter in need of in-kind donations to better serve your community? If so, please register your shelter and get started in a few easy steps:

    1. Create an Amazon Wishlist of items your shelter needs (if you don't have one already)
    2. Fill out a simple sign up form and tell us a few details about your shelter
    3. Paste the link to your Amazon Wishlist to our Create a New Wishlist page
    4. That's it! The items on your wishlist will be added to the collection!